Stegosaurus Trap - Ear Medicine
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Here is a song. It is called EAR MEDICINE.

Stegosaurus Trap - Drive My Numbers
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This is one from Invaders that I called “Drive My Numbers”.

Stegosaurus Trap - Invaders (2012)
download it here


Stegosaurus Trap - Invaders (2012)

download it here

I think the album is just about done.

I have tidied up a few bits and I’m pretty happy with it. Some of these songs I have had for years so I can’t tell if they are any good or not. Anyway, look out for it pretty soon. I need to make a cover and think of a title, then it is just about ready.

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New song “Hexagon House” I’ve had these collecting dust on my hard drive for about 8 months, I guess the time is coming to just put them out there. I have a whole album of these things, there are just a few little tiny vocals I need to do on 2 tracks then it’s ready for the stealing.

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New Stegosaurus Trap song “In My Tomb” from the forthcoming album, for which I am yet to decide on a title.

New Stegosaurus Trap album coming very soon

There is a new album on the way. I have all the songs almost done. I just need to play a few more instruments and sing a few new bits.

I have been working on this one since 2010.

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New Stegosaurus Trap song:

"It Looped Me"

All albums now downloadable properly, without any bullshit free hosting, dead megaupload links or fannying around. Merry Christmas